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Analysis on Supply and Demand for Medical Expenditure by Age and Income Brackets: An Application of GARCH Model
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 Title & Authors
Analysis on Supply and Demand for Medical Expenditure by Age and Income Brackets: An Application of GARCH Model
Rhee, Hyun-Jae;
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This study aims to examine primary determinant for medical expenditure depending on different age and income brackets. The age and income brackets are simultaneously taken into account for a forming of structural models, and GARCH methodology is utilized in analyzing the model. Empirical evidence reveals that no matter how general medical care system is appropriately operated, medical expenditure is vulnerable in taking care of potential socially-disadvantaged class and the group of catastrophic medical expenditure as long as the age and income brackets concern, simultaneously. It signifies that more elaborately designed medical-related policy seems to be established to improve its effectiveness. On the contrary, ageing society is comparatively well-treated by public health law and act on long-term care insurance for the aged.
Medical Expenditure;Ageing Society;Income Bracket;GARCH Model;
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