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Causal Role of Affective Commitment and Calculative Commitment in Explaining Relationships Between Service Characteristics and Trust and Services Loyalty in Dental Service Setting
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 Title & Authors
Causal Role of Affective Commitment and Calculative Commitment in Explaining Relationships Between Service Characteristics and Trust and Services Loyalty in Dental Service Setting
Choi, Chul-Jae;
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The purpose of this study is to identifies services characteristics such as service customization, service ability, service empathy impacts on trust, affective commitment and calculative commitment, and explains causal role of affective commitment and calculative commitment by verifies relationships between trust and affective commitment and calculative commitment and customer loyalty in dental service setting. Analysis of structural equation modeling with SPSS 20.0 and AMOS 16.0 were performed to test the research hypothesis. The result of the study as follows: First, it was found that service customization had effect on affective commitment, and service ability had influence on trust, and service empathy impacts on both trust and affective commitment, but calculative commitment was not found to significant path coefficients in relationships with service characteristics. Second, trust had effects on calculative commitment, but not affective commitment. Third, affective commitment and calculative commitment positively had influence on customer loyalty. Therefore, Dental service providers should be increase user confidence by showing empathy and the ability to service. Customer who had formed trust is to build customer loyalty by inducing loyalty directly or by presents a variety of benefits indirectly. The high emotional attachment customer will have to present a suitable marketing strategies to build strong customer loyalty.
Dental Service;Trust;Affective Commitment;Calculative Commitment;Customer Loyalty;
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