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Brand Authenticity Mediated the Effect of Brand Authority and Ethicality on Purchase and Word-of-mouth Intention
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Brand Authenticity Mediated the Effect of Brand Authority and Ethicality on Purchase and Word-of-mouth Intention
Lee, Jong Man;
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Prior researches on brand authenticity so far have focused on the scale development for measuring brand authenticity. However, at the point of time it is necessary to consider the utilization of the proposed scale in an integrative approach. Accordingly, this study aims to examine brand authenticity mediated the effect of brand authority and ethicality on purchase and word-of-mouth intention. The survey method was used for this paper, and data from a total of 136 office workers were used for the analysis. And structural equation model was used to analyze the data. The results of this empirical study is summarized as followings. First, brand authority and ethicality do not have a direct effect on purchase and word-of-mouth intention but brand authenticity mediates the effect of brand authority and ethicality. Second, brand authority and ethicality have positive effect on brand authenticity. This study provides information on the purchase and word-of-mouth intention of salary man. Further, it will provide meaning suggestion point of the importance of brand authenticity in establishing the policy of brand management.
Brand Authority;Brand Ethicality;Brand Authenticity;Behavioral Intention;
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