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The Effect of the Plantar Pressure on Dynamic Balance by Fatigue of Leg in the Subjects with Functional Ankle Instability
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of the Plantar Pressure on Dynamic Balance by Fatigue of Leg in the Subjects with Functional Ankle Instability
Kim, Ho-Sung;
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Purpose : The present study was aimed at investigating the plantar pressure on dynamic balance of subjects with functional ankle instability following fatigue of lower leg. Methods : The subjects(30 university students) were divided into 2 groups ; functional ankle instability group(7males and 7females) and ankle stable group(9males & 7females) who could evaluate questionnaire. All the participants were evaluated muscle fatigue of lower leg by Biodex system III and distribution of plantar pressure by Zebris FDM-S system, The dynamic balance was tested by single-leg jump landing. This study were to measure of plantar pressure on dynamic balance with the difference between FAIG and control group following muscle fatigue. Results : In functional ankle instability group(FAIG), the post-fatigue was significantly higher than pre-fatigue in forefoot(p2,p3,p4) of plantar pressure on dynamic balance(p<0.05). The FAIG was significantly higher than the ASG in forefoot(p2, p3, p4) & lat midfoot(p6) of plantar pressure after fatigue in dynamic balance(p<0.05). The FAIG was significantly longer than the ASG in anteroposterior(AP) & mediolateral(ML) distance on center of pressure(CoP) after fatigue in dynamic balance(p<0.05). Conclusion : This study showed that FAIG were effected plantar pressure and center of pressure(CoP) by dynamic balance following muscle fatigue. Further study is needed to measure various age & work with ankle instability for clinical application.
Functional Ankle Instability;Plantar Pressure;Muscle Fatigue;Dynamic Balance;
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