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Influence of Team Performance on the Transformational Leadership & SelfLeadership - Focus on the Employees of Public Enterprises -
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Influence of Team Performance on the Transformational Leadership & SelfLeadership - Focus on the Employees of Public Enterprises -
Bae, Byung-ok;
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This study is aimed at suggesting the implications about the utility of team system and importance of leadership through the analysis of what influence of transformational leadership and self leadership has on team performance. This study used the LMX theory & social exchange theory arguing that exchange relation quality forms between organizational members, and situational theory stating that leadership suited for business environment should be displayed as the theoretical background of this research. This study, targeting 9 domestic energy-related public enterprises, proved the research hypotheses through regression analysis under SPSS 20.0 by using the effective data on 880 respondents from 166 teams in total. As a result of the research, a team leader`s transformational leadership was found to have a positive influence on team performance, and the behaviour strategy, and cognitive strategy of self leadership were found to significantly modulate the relation between a team leader`s transformational leadership and team performance, thus getting to adopt all of the initially-set research hypotheses. The salient point was that the effect was found to be much stronger from the group whose self leadership was low. What this research results imply is that if a team leader in team organization should look to it that team members themselves could be self-motivated by assigning goals, which can be put into practice with concern, to the members of a group whose self leadership is relatively low, team performance could improve more clearly than would otherwise be the case.
Transformational Leadership;Behaviour Strategy;Cognitive Strategy;Team Performance;
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