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A Study for Enhancing Efficiency in PUS Contents Development
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A Study for Enhancing Efficiency in PUS Contents Development
Shon, Hyang-Koo;
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The growing socio-economic effect caused by science and technology requires public to participate in policy-making process, which makes government to boost public understanding of science(PUS). Government has also exerted to construct infra for PUS. However results are not so meaningful. The government-funded science museum has mainly provided the program for students. Besides, science broadcasting channel has recorded the worst viewing rate. Meanwhile, some of the private sector-manufactured contents have attracted public attention in recent years, which is realized by considering elements such as an interesting topic selection, use of outside experts, two-way communication system, level adjusting for public through flexible running system. This study analyze podcast based program, face to face lectures, display contents by private industry, fab lab etc. on the base of the reciprocal PUS model to sort out the reason they have successful results. Futhermore, it argues that government should intensify support for private sector and create synergy effect by cultivate collaboration system between government and private sector to enhance the efficiency of PUS and offers public policy to realize the plan.
Public Understanding of Science(PUS);Science & Technology;Contents;Efficiency;Collaboration;
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