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Shade Comparative Analysis of Natural Tooth using Spectrophotometric Methods
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Shade Comparative Analysis of Natural Tooth using Spectrophotometric Methods
Kim, Sa-Hak; Hwang, Seong-Sig; Lee, Hye-Eun;
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This study is to set the objective criteria on maxillary incisors shade selection by using the colorimetric Shade-Eye NCC as measuring in CIE , , values, and look into the meaning by analyzing its values. We explain the purpose of this study and gotten their agreement from patients visiting the dentist, 111 people`s (men 50, women 61) three teeth, the maxillary central incisor, maxillary lateral incisor, maxillary canines, total of 333 teeth colorimetry. As a result of comparing the differences in colors between cervical margin and incisal edge, of canine is shown as low as , followed by lateral incisor of maxilla as and central incisor of maxilla . Females show higher luminosity(L*) than males do in all teeth- central incisor, lateral incisor and canine; in yello chroma(b*) males` central incisor is slightly higher than that of females (p<0.05). Age significantly influences the luminosity and red (a*) and yellow chroma (b*) of central incisor(L*); the luminosity(L*), and yellow chroma(b*) of lateral incisor and canine (p<0.05). Smoking doesn`t significantly influence the color of natural teeth. Drinking reduces the luminosity of central incisor as well as red chroma of lateral incisor(p<0.05). A chronic illness is likely to reduce the luminosity of central incisor and lateral incisor(p<0.05).
Shade Selection;, , Values;Colorimetry;
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