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Secular Trends and Influencing Factors for the Early Menarche among Korean Middle and High School Girls
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 Title & Authors
Secular Trends and Influencing Factors for the Early Menarche among Korean Middle and High School Girls
Han, Dallong; Lee, Jongeun; Kim, Seonho;
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The objective of this study is to identify the secular trend in age at menarche and to investigate the factors influence the early menarche(<12 years old) among Korean middle and high school girls. We analyzed data from the Korean Youth Risk Behavior Web-based Survey(KYRBWS) 2006-2014. This study was a descriptive study of 216,917 Korean middle and high school girls born between 1988 and 2002. Linear trends test performed to assess the trend age at menarche and percentage of early menarche. Multiple logistic regression analysis was to assess the risk factors influence the early menarche. Mean age at menarche decreased from years for middle and high school girls born 1988 to years for those born 2002(p for trends<.001). Percentage of early menarche increased from 19.7% to 25.2% between 1988 and 2002(p for trends<.001). Living in city, higher stress level, short sleep duration, and higher body mass index were associated with an early menarche among middle and high school girls(all p<.001). We found that age at menarche is still falling in the Korean adolescents, and it need intervention strategies to control the early menarche.
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