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An Exploratory Analyses on Factors related to Mental Health Confidence among Individuals in Long-term Care Facilities: Focusing on the Differences by the Length of Hospitalization
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An Exploratory Analyses on Factors related to Mental Health Confidence among Individuals in Long-term Care Facilities: Focusing on the Differences by the Length of Hospitalization
Jeon, Hae Sook;
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This study aimed to examine the predictors of mental health confidence(MHC) among individuals in psychiatric long-term care facilities(PLCF). It further examined whether the predictors and underlying mechanisms differed by the length of hospitalization. Sample consisted of 1,742 individuals residing in PLCF who participated in the Survey on PLCF. Structural equational modeling was used to examine the predictors of MHC. Multi-group Structural Equation Modeling(SEM) was used to examine whether the predictors and mechanisms differed by the length of hospitalization between those of 10 years or less (n=962) and 10 years and more (n=780). Major findings were as follows. (1) Education, duration of mental illness, and psychiatric symptoms were significantly related to MHC. (2) Duration of mental illness presented significant indirect effects on MHC via its effects on perceived stigma. (3) The predictors and underlying mechanisms differed by the length of hospitalization. Based on the findings, implications and limitations of the research were discussed.
Mental Health Confidence;Individuals in Psychiatric long-term care facilities;Perceived Stigma;Experienced Stigma;Length of Hospitalization;
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