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Difference Analysis of Life Satisfaction and Successful Aging on Difference in National Pension Receipt
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 Title & Authors
Difference Analysis of Life Satisfaction and Successful Aging on Difference in National Pension Receipt
Yu, Ji-Yeon;
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This study analyzed difference in national pension receipt on life satisfaction and successful aging in people aged 60 or over, and then analyzed influence factors on them. As a result, The difference of receipt affected life satisfaction and successful aging. This means a large receipt is related to high life satisfaction and successful aging. The regression analysis result also showed the difference of receipt was significant in life satisfaction, but wasn`t significant in successful aging. National pension receipt can increase life satisfaction by providing financial security, but for successful aging, social supports like good use of spare time are needed. Also, currently satisfaction with national pension receipt was low and receipt wasn`t enough to stabilize their lives. Therefore, a political plan for improving receipt satisfaction and living a stable life through good use of spare time will be required in future.
National Pension;Difference of Receipts;Life Satisfaction;Successful Aging;
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