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Effect of Perceived Value on Customer`s Repurchase Intention in a Coffee Chain Context: Focused on Utilitarian, Hedonic, and Social Value
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Effect of Perceived Value on Customer`s Repurchase Intention in a Coffee Chain Context: Focused on Utilitarian, Hedonic, and Social Value
Kim, Byoungsoo;
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This study examined customer`s purchase decision-making processes in a coffee chain context. We posit customer satisfaction, brand image, and perceive value as key drivers of forming customer`s repurchase intention. From the perspective of multidimensional perceived value concept, the effects of utilitarian, hedonic, and social value on customer`s decision-making processes were investigated. The proposed model was empirically tested by using survey data collected from 232 university students who often visit several coffee chains. LISREL has been used to perform these analysis. The proposed theoretical model accounts for 67% of the variance in repurchase intention and 73% of the variance in customer satisfaction. The analysis results indicate that customer satisfaction and brand image play an important role in forming customer`s repurchase intention. Further, utilitarian and hedonic values significantly affect customer`s repurchase intention, whereas social value negatively influences it.
Coffee Chain;Perceived Value;Utilitarian Value;Hedonic Value;Social Value;
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