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Effects of Authentic Leadership and Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Citizenship Behavior
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Authentic Leadership and Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Jin, Yun-Hee; Kim, Sung-Jong;
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This study investigates the effects of authentic leadership and organizational supports on the organizational citizens behavior of public welfare facility employee. Structural equation model with four latent variables were constructed to test the hypothetical relationships between variables. Out of 230 people from welfare facilities in Yong-in City were sampled and 216 were answered the questionnaire. Results suggests that authentic leadership and organizational support perceptions were shown to have a positive(+) significant effects on the job engagement and organizational citizenship behavior. Authentic leadership and perceived organizational support are effected as a direct positive effect on job engagement, and the influence of perceived organizational support was recognized as greater fact than the authentic leadership. Variable `job engagement` took a intermediating role between two independent variables and organizational citizenship behavior. Based on the hypothesis test results we might conclude that welfare facility employee whose task require emotional engagement need to be supported by systematic plan of material resources.
Organizational Citizen Behavior;Authentic Leadership;Perceived Organizational Support;
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