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Study on the Impact from the Concentration of Technological Innovation Activity to the Management Achievement : Focused in Listed ICT Companies
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Impact from the Concentration of Technological Innovation Activity to the Management Achievement : Focused in Listed ICT Companies
Ko, Young-kwon; Park, Jong-woo; Jo, Dong-hyuk;
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ICT sector has been made a great deal of achievements for past 20 or more years in the aspects of the industrial promotion and the efficiency improvement under the strong leadership by the government for the informatization and still leads the Korean industries. However, the previous studies are mostly on how the quantitative growth of patents impacts a company`s management achievements while being insufficient on the qualitative level. In this study, an analysis is attempted on the impact from the qualitative level of patents held by a ICT company leading Korean industry to its management achievements. In other words, if the concentration of technological innovation activities, a scale to measure the qualitative level of possessed patents is influential to the growth and the profit of a company is analyzed. The analysis result shows that the current time technological superiority index, RTA and the concentration index, CRn of the technological innovation activities significantly impact to the growth and the profit of company. This study demonstrates the positive impact from a highly qualitative level of patents to the growth and the profit of a company in ICT sector in the current circumstance of insufficient researches on the qualitative level of patents. Therefore, this study is expected to present a new start point for the future studies.
ICT;intellectual property;Patent;tchnological Innovation;RTA;CRn;Management Achievement;
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