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A Study on the Effective Visual Form Following the Numerical Information Types
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Effective Visual Form Following the Numerical Information Types
Kim, Jae-Young; Kim, Duk-Yong;
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Although a number of information is emerging in the big data era and studies on the infographic studies for delivering it effectively are becoming an issue, the visualization study on the numerical information delivered through the credit card statement is very poor compared to its importance. The effective visualization method following each information characteristics was by analyzing the numerical information types focusing on the credit card statement. The type of the figure information classified into the comparative analysis, progress of time change, proportion, relationship, scope, and distribution, and it was made into the graph form proper to the nature of each information to study the most effective and ideal visual form. Therefore, this study is significant because it suggests a control point of the visualization by pointing out an effective visual form for delivering the numerical information that appears on the credit card statement with the figure characteristics.
Numerical Information;Visualization;Graph;Form;
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