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Consumer`s Needs for Development of Smartphone Application for Self Care Performance of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B
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 Title & Authors
Consumer`s Needs for Development of Smartphone Application for Self Care Performance of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B
Jeon, Jae-Hee; Kim, Kyunghee;
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This study was conducted to assess the needs of smartphone application development for self care performance of 374 patients with chronic hepatitis B. The mean age of the subjects was 46.2 years. The patients obtained information about chronic hepatitis B from the internet (41.3%), nurses or doctors (23.8%), television (15.6%), and smartphones (6.2%). The reason that the information about hepatitis B didn`t come from a smartphone were `Lack of useful applications` (75.9%), `Could not believe the information` (15.0). If the application is developed, subjects replied `Frequently use` (59.9%), `When needed` (33.2%). The desired contents were `Knowledge of disease` (27.1%), `Drug calender` (16.8%), `Reference of information` (15.5%), `Record of lab data` (14.6%). Ability to use the smartphone, depended on age and level of education, however the needs for the development of the smartphone application, there were not differences. Also, there were different desired contents of application, depended on age and level of education. Therefore, when developing smartphone applications for self care performance of chronic hepatitis B patients considering educational level and age, it could be widely utilized as a tool which can help to the self care performance of chronic hepatitis B patients.
Hepatitis B;Smartphone Applications;Self Care;Needs;
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