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Analysis of Network for Asian Cup Soccer Final based on Social Network Theory: Based on Centrality Indexes
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Network for Asian Cup Soccer Final based on Social Network Theory: Based on Centrality Indexes
Kim, Sun-Duck; Seong, Tae-Young; Lee, Dong-Min; Lee, Man-Hyung;
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This study aimed to discover the most influential player in the network of Soccer game and how individual players contribute within the team with quantitative capabilities they possess. It also examined whether or not the network of relationship between players and the coach`s tactics were in harmony. The results showed high level of correlation between the network between offenders and defenders according to tactics of the coach during the first half. It can be said that each players fulfilled their role and formed a network within them to lead the game and form a virtuous network structure. On the other hand, the overall network of the team was focused on a specific player during the second half. But the coach`s appropriate use of substitutes and change in tactics stabilized the network balance between the players.
Social Network Analysis;Soccer Game;Tactics;Degree Centrality;Betweeness Centrality;
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