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Development and Application of the Mathematically Gifted Student Learning Program Utilizing App Inventor for Self-directed Learning Ability
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Development and Application of the Mathematically Gifted Student Learning Program Utilizing App Inventor for Self-directed Learning Ability
Lee, Jae-Jun; Yoo, In-Hwan;
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Strengthening self-directed learning ability is established as one of the goals of gifted education in Korea. In addition, it should be noted that self-directed learning can be realized in variety of ways as favorable conditions and environments are fostered to provide gifted education utilizing program. in the recent days. But, gifted learning programs for programming are programmed for information gifted student. Therefore, we have analyzed in this study the effects of improvement on self-directed learning ability of mathematically gifted student through class utilizing app inventor program for self-directed learning ability. Built up from the 4th and 5th grade to elementary math one class for gifted children complete by making math quiz, we use the app inventor to activity. The result of experiment showed very significant difference in the post-survey to less than .002 in the pre-survey in terms of three domains, which are intrinsic motivation, the openness of learning opportunities and autonomy which corresponds to sub-elements of self-directed learning ability. We could verify from the result of the study that mathematically gifted student learning program utilizing app development activity have positive effects on self-directed learning ability of mathematically gifted students.
App Inventor;Self-directed Learning Ability;Mathematically Gifted Student Learning Program;
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