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A Study of Intention to Use Wrist-worn Wearable Devices Based on Innovation Resistance Model - Focusing on the Relationship between Innovation Characteristics, Consumer Characteristics, and Innovation Resistance
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A Study of Intention to Use Wrist-worn Wearable Devices Based on Innovation Resistance Model - Focusing on the Relationship between Innovation Characteristics, Consumer Characteristics, and Innovation Resistance
Shin, Jae-Gwon; Lee, Sang-Woo;
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As the internet of things has come into the spotlight, wearable devices have been emerging as a new and growing market and the next hot thing in the world. However, wearable device growth in the market has not met expectations. For continued growth and diffusion of wearable devices, it is important to investigate user resistance factors to them. This study gives attention to people who have resistance to wearable devices` tendency towards innovative uses. Specifically, this study is intended to find out which factors influence consumers` resistance and intention to use wrist-worn wearable devices, which are in high demand among wearable device. Results of the study show that the relative advantage, innovation expectation, complexity, financial risk and physical risk are the predictors of innovation resistance on wrist-worn wearable devices. And consumers` resistance affects the intention of positive acceptance. These findings confirm the importance of consumer resistance to the wrist-worn wearable device.
Wearable Device;Internet of Things;Innovation Resistance;Innovation Resistance Model;
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