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A Method for Non-redundant Keyword Search over Graph Data
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 Title & Authors
A Method for Non-redundant Keyword Search over Graph Data
Park, Chang-Sup;
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As a large amount of graph-structured data is widely used in various applications such as social networks, semantic web, and bio-informatics, keyword-based search over graph data has been getting a lot of attention. In this paper, we propose an efficient method for keyword search over graph data to find a set of top-k answers that are relevant as well as non-redundant in structure. We define a non-redundant answer structure for a keyword query and a relevance measure for the answer. We suggest a new indexing scheme on the relevant paths between nodes and keyword terms in the graph, and also propose a query processing algorithm to find top-k non-redundant answers efficiently by exploiting the pre-calculated indexes. We present effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach compared to the previous method by conducting an experiment using a real dataset.
Graph Data;Keyword Search;Top-k Query Processing;
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