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Determinants of Actual Purchase on m-commerce Sites vs. Determinants of Satisfaction with m-commerce Sites
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 Title & Authors
Determinants of Actual Purchase on m-commerce Sites vs. Determinants of Satisfaction with m-commerce Sites
Yang, Su Jin; Lee, Yun Jung;
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Considering the prevalent use of mobile devices and the mobile Internet in Korea, there should be open doors for retailers to a different type of distribution if they could find out what makes consumers satisfied with m-commerce sites as well as what makes consumers purchase from m-commerce sites. Therefore, we explored: 1) the antecedents of satisfaction with m-commerce sites and 2) the determinants of purchasers vs. browsers of m-commerce. As possible antecedents of the two dependent variables, the following were utilized in the current study: the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), perceived shopping values, and interactivity. According to the results of this study, these variables related to the performance of mobile commerce sites (Perceived ease of use, Perceived usefulness, Synchronicity, Richness of content, and Contextual services) significantly affected satisfaction with m-commerce sites. On the other hand, the most important discriminator of an m-commerce purchaser vs. a browser was human-oriented interactivity, especially interpersonal communication among users. With the help of information technology.
Smartphones;Technology Acceptance Model;Interactivity;Perceived Shopping Value;Satisfaction Actual Purchase;
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The Dimensions of M-Interactivity and Their Impacts in the Mobile Commerce Context, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 2017, 21, 4, 548  crossref(new windwow)








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