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An Effect of Quality Factor of Tax Information System on User`s Satisfaction and Business Performance
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An Effect of Quality Factor of Tax Information System on User`s Satisfaction and Business Performance
Hong, Soon-Bok;
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The purpose of this research is to find the effect of the user`s satisfaction according to the quality factor of the National Tax Service tax information system on the business performance of the tax officials. In this research, the quality factor of tax information system was divided into information quality, system quality, and service quality and the importance of the user`s satisfaction and business performance was suggested. As the result of analysis, the suggested model showed acceptable data suitability and all of the suggested 4 hypotheses had an statistically meaningful effect. Accordingly, it could be identified that the quality factor of the tax information system had a positive effect on user`s satisfaction when the tax officials conduct taxation business and that the tax officials with high satisfaction in using the tax information system showed greater business performance.
Tax Information System;Quality Factor;User`s Satisfaction;Business Performance;
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