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An Analysis of Urban Spatial Cycles Considering Wide Area City Plan in Seoul Metropolitan Area
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of Urban Spatial Cycles Considering Wide Area City Plan in Seoul Metropolitan Area
Im, Young-Jin; Lee, Myeong-Hun;
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This study reveals a change in the growth cycle of metropolitan with analyzing the population of Seoul metropolitan area and identifies the characteristics of each urban area. For this, the exponential growth of the city, Roxy index, which in recent years been actively studied in Japan, has applied. As a result, the entire metropolitan area and central areas, and the southern region are about to move to the accelerating centralization phase. In the phase of suburbanization are highly likely to turn into the new phase of regression phase. In addition, the northern and eastern suburbs are currently in progress with the accelerating decentralization phase and are expected to be converted in the decelerating decentralization phase. Through this implication in Seoul metropolitan area, it is necessary to carry out the policy responses about regional maintenance by connecting to the changes in direction and speed of cycle phase of city. The results of this study can be used as basic data to determine the long-term future growth and decline of the metropolitan area.
ROXY Index;Spatial Cycles;Circular-cyclic Curve;Population;
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