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Seaweed Derived Oligosaccharides and its Health Beneficial Effects on Gut Health
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 Title & Authors
Seaweed Derived Oligosaccharides and its Health Beneficial Effects on Gut Health
Yang, Hyosun; Lee, Yunkyoung;
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The incidence of inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) has increased continuously in worldwide, but no cure have been discovered. The etiology of IBD may include various factors such as genetics, epigenetic, environment as well as host immune system. Among the environmental factors of IBD, diet heavily influences gut health, especially non-digestible dietary fiber can have a great impact on selective growth of beneficial gut microbiota called probiotics. Seaweeds have been consumed in Asia countries and are a rich source for dietary fiber. Accumulated data have suggested the possibility of utilizing seaweed derived oligosaccharides as prebiotics to prevent IBD and its recurrence. In this review, seaweed derived oligosaccharides such as fucoidan and laminarin regarding gut health and potential therapeutic tools for IBD will be discussed based on studies conducted in vitro and in vivo models.
Seaweed;Oligosaccharides;Gut Health;Inflammatory Bowel Disease;Prebiotics;
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