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Factors Influencing Depression in Chinese Students Studying in Korea: Focused on Acculturative Stress, Academic Stress and Career Stress
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 Title & Authors
Factors Influencing Depression in Chinese Students Studying in Korea: Focused on Acculturative Stress, Academic Stress and Career Stress
Jeong, Hye-Sun;
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This study was conducted in order to identify factors influencing depression in Chinese students in Korea, focusing on factors related to acculturation stress, academic stress and career stress. The participants of this study were 166 Chinese students studying in Korea. Data were collected from Sep. 7th to Oct 15th. The subjects` mean score of depression was 17.36(6.77), and their scores of acculturation stress, academic stress, and career stress were 69.51(19.06), 34.64(5.03), and 29.13(9.14), respectively. Acculturative stress and career stress were found to be factors influencing the depression level of Chinese students in Korea and the two factors` explanatory power was 51.9%. Based on the findings of this study, in order to lower Chinese students` depression level and help them lead a healthy academic life in Korea, it is necessary to assess their acculturative stress and career stress and to provide special intervention for students with high perceived stress.
Chnise Students;Depression;Acculturative Stress;Academic Stress;Career Stress;
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