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Consideration of the X-ray Spectrum Change and Resolution According to Added Filters, SID, A-Si (CsITl) in the Imaging System
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 Title & Authors
Consideration of the X-ray Spectrum Change and Resolution According to Added Filters, SID, A-Si (CsITl) in the Imaging System
An, Hyeon; Kim, Jung-Hoon; Lee, Dongyeon; Ko, Sungjin; Kim, Changsoo;
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This study assess their quality of radiation on analysis of the spectrum of resolution suggesting IEC 61267 in radiation quality that RQA3, RQA5, RQA7, RQA9 and combination of clinical condition using several quality of radiation. In experiments edge method first, the spatial resolution assessment used image of the additional filter and SID is obtained the IEC 62220-1, spatial resolution and sharpness of the obtained image was evaluated in the MTF value 10%(0.1), MTF value 50%(0.5) using a Matlab program. Second, MCNPX simulation used spatial resolution analysis was radiation quality particle fluence and spectrum analysis in energy. As a result, make use of additional filter, image quality evaluation of SID that RQA3 radiation quality combination qualification is higher spatial resolution and sharpness make unused of additional filter and SID 100cm. RQA7 radiation quality combination qualification is higher that spatial resolution make unused of additional filter and SID 150cm. RQA9 radiation quality combination qualification is higher that spatial resolution and sharpness make used of additional filter and SID 180cm. spectrum analysis of radiation quality by reducing consequent errors occurring in the experiment that error due to the reproducibility of the X-ray tube, occur in an error of correction the detector suggest ideal conditions from spectrum analysis through MCNPX simulation. In conclusion, by suggesting spatial resolution and sharpness of result for various radiation quality, It provide basic data that radiation quality condition and quantitative assessment method for laboratory in clinical using detector evaluation.
IEC Radiation Quality;MTF;Spatial Resolution;Sharpness;MCNPX;
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