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A Study on The Dental field of Present Health Insurance for custom-made Prosthetic implant by Dental technicians
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 Title & Authors
A Study on The Dental field of Present Health Insurance for custom-made Prosthetic implant by Dental technicians
Lee, Heekyung; Cho, Mihyang;
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Purpose: The Purpose of this study are to describe the Dental field of present health insurance for custom-made prosthetic implant by dental technicians` work. Results: A total of 300 dental technicians working at dental laboratories in Korea were randomly selected and surveyed, 206(68.7%) of them were used for the statistical analysis. Conclusion: Average daily working time was 10 hours 66%. The average cumulative credit of the clinic for dental prosthesis fabrication rates was Less than 10 million won(21.8%), 10~80 million won(11.7%), more than one hundred million won(1.5%). Remake dental prosthesis was one more than the monthly average of 98.5%. Causes of remake dental prosthesis was dentist impression 83% but did not pay 62.5%. Dental technicians Implant production period was 7 days(48.5%), 10 days(35%) was commissioned by dentists production time is 5 days(46.1%), 7 days(36.5%). President of dental laboratories 3.86 points and dental technicians 3.06 points knew differently about starting of implant health insurance coverage(p<.001). They alike were in favor of insurance coverage for the implant. Dental technicians were lower by 2.36 points for work do you know whether your health insurance application of dental prostheses. Dental technicians are 2.16 points on whether confidence in the pores payment of insurance coverage dental prosthesis, dental laboratory president was lower by 1.85 points. They are very low with 1.97 points on whether confidence in the rate payment of health insurance coverage dental prosthesis(p<.01). The implant prosthesis abutment selected, the abutments designed, design of the implant upper prosthetic, the upper prosthetic fitting dental technicians participate of dental laboratory president showed higher score (p <.05). Conclusion: Hours of dental technicians were making this short period of remake dental prosthesis-related dental prosthesis. Dental clinic and a detailed representation of the dental prosthodontic fabrication request is required for communication between the laboratory in order to reduce the remake of a dental prosthesis, dental insurance coverage written dental prosthodontic fabrication request should be legislated. Implant classification standard medical practice 1-3 Step conduct a thorough costing a total of no. 73 of the correct classification standard medical practice in addition to eight times defined by the act of dental technicians should be defined.
Dental technicians;Health insurance;implant;Dental prosthodontics fabrication request;
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