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Comparison of oral health related characteristics between a long-term patients and general population
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of oral health related characteristics between a long-term patients and general population
Jeon, Ju-Hyeon; Kwon, Ji-Ae; Nam, Jeong-Min; Park, Hyeon-Bin; Song, Ye-Jin; Choi, Jun-Seon;
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Objectives: The purpose of the study was to compare the oral health related characteristics between a long-term patients and general population. Methods: A direct interview questionnaire was completed by 160 patients and 165 general people from January 16 to April 31, 2014. The questionnaire consisted of general characteristics of the subjects, subjective health status, oral health behaviors, and needs of oral health. The data were analyzed using SPSS 18.0 program. Results: The long-term patients reported that most of them were denture wearers(38.1%), and had oral disease symptoms(62.5%) and xerostomia(65.6%). Most of the long-term patients were ex-smoker(31.3%) and did not receive regular dental check-up(92.5%). They did not know tooth brushing method(31.3%) and brushed their teeth less than twice a day(47.5%). Those who used tooth brush for more than 6 months accounted for 47.5%. Most of them did not use auxiliary oral hygiene devices(85.6%). The patients answered that oral health is not important(6.9%), oral health education is not necessary(7.5%), and oral cleaning(26.3%) should be included in oral health education. Conclusions: The self-reported oral health status of the long-term patients much more serious than the general population. It is necessary to educate the continuing oral health management program for the long-term patients.
long-term patients;mouth dryness;oral health;
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구강건강신념과 대사증후군이 지역사회치주치료요구지수에 미치는 영향,정명희;김창숙;이경수;

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