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Association between periodontitis and preterm birth and low birth weight
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 Title & Authors
Association between periodontitis and preterm birth and low birth weight
Ha, Jung-Eun;
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The purpose of the review article is to investigate the influence of periodontal diseases on preterm birth(PTB) and low birth weight(LBW). PTB and LBW are the main risk factors of infant mortality and a major public health problem. PTB is defined as delivery at less than 37 weeks and LBW is less than 2,500 grams. Over Approximately 60 percent of perinatal mortality results from PTB or LBW. Although the causes of PTB and LBW are not fully understood, infection is the leading cause of PTB and LBW. Periodontal diseases are serious disease burdens because they are caused by bacterial endotoxin, inflammatory reaction, and cytokine. The periodontal diseases are the predisposing factors of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis. Over the past 15 years, previous studies revealed that periodontitis had adverse outcomes including PTB and LBW in pregnancy.
low birth weight;periodontitis;pregnancy;preterm birth;
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