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The effects of sodium fluoride on oral normal cell cultured in vitro
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 Title & Authors
The effects of sodium fluoride on oral normal cell cultured in vitro
Choi, Byul-Bora; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Ji-Young; Park, Sang-Rye;
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Objectives: Fluoride is widely used in the prevention and control of dental caries. The purpose of this study is to examine the biological effects of Sodium fluoride on the proliferation of oral normal cell in vitro(MDPC-23, HaCaT, HGF-1 cells). Methods: The proliferation of normal cells and the cyto-skeletal change of normal cells were assessed by WST-1 assay and F-actin stain assay. The statistical significances of the resulting data were analyzed using SPSS(Window 12.0). Results: The sodium fluoride(0-12 mM) treatment decreased the cell viability in a dose and time dependent manner: HaCaT(6 h): , , , , , (p<0.005); HaCaT(24 h): , , , , , (p<0.006), MDPC-23(6 h): , , , , , (p<0.009); MDPC-23(24 h): , , , , , (p<0.005), HGF-1(6 h): , , , , , (p<0.009); HGF-1(24 h): , , , , , (p<0.005). Thus, changes in cell morphology and disruption of filamentous(F)-actin organization were observed in higher concentration. Conclusions: These results suggest that higher concentrations of fluoride lead to a reduce the number of cells and morphology change of normal cell.
human gingival fibroblast;keratinocyte;odontoblast;sodium fluoride;
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