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Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Sensitivity of Combustion Instability for Solid Rocket Motors
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Sensitivity of Combustion Instability for Solid Rocket Motors
Joo, Seongmin; Kim, Junseong; Moon, Heejang; Ohm, Wonsuk; Lee, Dohyung;
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Prediction of combustion instability within a solid-propellant rocket motor has been conducted with the classical acoustic analysis. The effect of particle size distribution on the instability has been analyzed by comparing the log-normal distribution to the fixed mono-sized particle followed by a survey of motor length scale effect between the baseline model and small scale model. Particle damping effect was more efficient for the small scale motor which has a relatively high unstable mode frequencies. It was also revealed that the prediction results by considering the particle size distribution show an overall attenuation of fluctuating pressure amplitude with respect to the mono-sized case.
Acoustic;Combustion Instability;Stability Analysis;Log-normal Particle Size Distribution;
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