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A Numerical Study on Transient Performance Behavior of a Turbofan Engine with Variable Inlet Guide Vane and Bleed Air Schedules
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 Title & Authors
A Numerical Study on Transient Performance Behavior of a Turbofan Engine with Variable Inlet Guide Vane and Bleed Air Schedules
Kim, Sangjo; Son, Changmin; Kim, Kuisoon; Kim, Myungho; Min, Seongki;
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This paper performed a numerical study to analyse the transient performance behavior of a turbofan engine with variable inlet guide vane (IGV) and bleed air schedules. The low bypass ratio mixed flow turbofan engine was considered in this study. For modeling the compressor performance with IGV, the performance maps were generated by using a one-dimensional meanline analysis and feed to the engine simulation program. The IGV and bleed air according to the rotating speed were scheduled to satisfy 10% of surge margin at steady-state condition. The transient engine performance analysis was conducted with the schedules. The engine with IGV schedule showed a higher surge margin and lower turbine inlet temperature than the engine with bleed air schedule during the transient period.
Variable Inlet Guide Vane;Bleed Air;Turbofan Engine;Transient Analysis;
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