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Dynamic Oxidation Behaviors of Aluminide Coated Titanium Alloys
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Oxidation Behaviors of Aluminide Coated Titanium Alloys
Son, Youngil; Park, Jinsoo; Park, Joonsik;
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Titanium alloys has been received an attention due to their excellent specific strength and many other superior properties in the application of components of flying subjects. In this study, Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64 alloy) has been selected in order to evaluate oxidation and degradation behaviors under the exposure of high temperature flame. The alloy has been coated with Al diffusion coating routes. The coated alloys showed an improved oxidation and degradation behaviors. The oxidation and degradation mechanism for the coated and uncoated alloys has been discussed in terms of microstructural observations.
Oxidation;Titanium Alloys;Coatings;Degradation;
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