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Zero-Dimensional Modeling of Plasma Generator in Electrothermal Gun
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 Title & Authors
Zero-Dimensional Modeling of Plasma Generator in Electrothermal Gun
Kim, Kyoungjin; Park, Joong-Youn;
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This paper introduces a zero-dimensional modeling on the plasma generation in electrothermal gun operation. The plasma generator consists of alumina bore and aluminum electrodes which is electrically powered by outer pulse forming network and, traditionally, its numerical simulations have employed time-dependent one-dimensional governing equations. However, by assuming isothermal approximation along the bore and choked bore exit condition, present analysis simplifies the mass and energy equations into zero-dimensional approximation of plasma conditions coupled with mass ablation model and plasma property evaluation. The numerical results show good agreement with the corresponding one-dimensional computations and thus verify the present modeling approach.
Electrothermal Gun;Plasma Generator;Zero-Dimensional Model;
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