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Molecular Level Understanding of Chemical Erosion on Graphite Surface using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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 Title & Authors
Molecular Level Understanding of Chemical Erosion on Graphite Surface using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Murugesan, Ramki; Park, Gyoung Lark; Levitas, Valery I.; Yang, Heesung; Park, Jae Hyun; Ha, Dongsung;
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We present a microscopic understanding of the chemical erosion due to combustion product on the nozzle throat using molecular dynamics simulations. The present erosion process consists of molecule-addition step and equilibrium step. First, either or are introduced into the system with high velocity to provoke the collision with graphite surface. Then, the equilibrium simulation is followed. The collision-included dissociation and its influence on the erosion is emphasized and the present molecular observations are compared with the macroscopic chemical reaction model.
Chemical Erosion;Graphite;Molecular Dynamics Simulation;Molecular Dissociation;Collision-Induced Erosion;
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