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Research about Thermoacoustic Resonance Ignition
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 Title & Authors
Research about Thermoacoustic Resonance Ignition
Seo, Seonghyeon; Kang, Sang Hun; Bae, Jong Yeol; Lee, Jin Young;
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The unique phenomenon that jet flow kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy through thermoacoustic resonance can be applied for the multiple ignition of liquid rocket engines. The present article includes the basic principle and theory behind the phenomenon as well as major outstanding, previous research works. The thermoacoustic phenomenon is affected by underexpanded jet flow characteristics from a nozzle, geometries of a nozzle and a resonance tube, and chemical composition of jet flow. The paper concludes with discussion what should be considered as crucial issues for the future research on the development of a multiple ignition system of liquid rocket engines.
Thermoacoustic;Resonance;Heat Generation;Ignition;Liquid Rocket Engine;
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