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Surface Modification of High Energetic Materials by Molecular Self-assembly
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 Title & Authors
Surface Modification of High Energetic Materials by Molecular Self-assembly
Kim, Ja-Young; Jeong, WonBok; Shin, Chae-Ho; Kim, Jin-Seok; Lee, Keundeuk; Lee, Kibong;
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Self-assembly of organic molecules is formed spontaneously on surfaces by electrostatic interaction with substrate. This research has shown that the self-assembly improves safety and handling tractability of high-energetic materials (HEMs). According to the recent study, control of the specific crystal size for reducing the internal defects is mightily important, because the internal defects are a factor in unstability of HEMs. In turn, we performed self-assembly of organic molecules and HEMs by using nano-sized HEMs, which were produced by drowing-out or milling/crystallization. Surface modification efficiency was decided by size distribution, zeta-potential, friction sensitivity and electrostatic charge.
Self-assembly;Electrostatic Interaction;High Energetic Materials;Polyethyleneimine(PEI);Polyacrylicacid(PAA);
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