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The Study on the Synthesis of Triazole Derivatives as Energetic Plasticizer
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 Title & Authors
The Study on the Synthesis of Triazole Derivatives as Energetic Plasticizer
Lee, Woonghee; Kim, Minjun; Park, Youngchul;
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Most of propellants that is used widely in the world release toxic gases such as methane gas and carbon dioxide during combustion which are noxious to the environment. This study established a synthetic process of a high nitrogen containing derivative of triazole, 4,5-bis(azidomethyl)-methyl-1,2,3-triazole (DAMTR), which can be applied as energetic plasticizer to environmental concerns. Also, the compound was characterized by NMR, IR spectroscopy, and physical properties such as glass transition temperature, melting point, decomposition temperature, density, impact sensitivity, viscosity and volatility were measured. In addition, the heats of formation () and detonation properties (pressure and velocity) of DAMTR were calculated using Gaussian 09 and EXPLO5 programs.
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