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An Extraction of Detailed Isoconversional Kinetic Scheme of Energetic Materials using Isothermal DSC
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 Title & Authors
An Extraction of Detailed Isoconversional Kinetic Scheme of Energetic Materials using Isothermal DSC
Kim, Yoocheon; Park, Jungsu; Kwon, Kuktae; Yoh, Jai-ick;
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The kinetic analysis of a heavily aluminized cyclotrimethylene-trinitramine(RDX) is conducted using differential scanning calorimetry(DSC), and the Friedman isoconversional method is applied to the DSC experimental data. The pre-exponential factor and activation energy are extracted as a function of the product mass fraction. The extracted kinetic scheme does not assume multiple chemical steps to describe the complex response of energetic materials; instead, a set of multiple Arrhenius factors is constructed based on the local progress of the exothermic reaction. The resulting reaction kinetic scheme is applied to two thermal decomposition tests for validating the reactive flow response of a heavily aluminized RDX. The results support applicability of the present model to practical thermal explosion systems.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry;Kinetics;Friedman Isoconversional method;Simulation;Slow Cook Off;
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