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A Study on Shock-induced Detonation in Gap Test
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Shock-induced Detonation in Gap Test
Kim, Bohoon; Kang, Wonkyu; Jang, Seung-gyo; Park, Jungsu; Yoh, Jai-ick;
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A pyrotechnic system consisting of donor/acceptor pair separated by a gap relies on shock attenuation characteristics of the gap material and shock sensitivity of the donor and acceptor charges. Despite of its common use, numerical study of such pyrotechnic train configuration is seldom reported because proper modeling of the full process requires precise capturing of the shock wave attenuation in the gap prior to triggering a full detonation of high explosive and accurate description of the high strain rate dynamics of the explosively loaded inert confinements. We apply a Eulerian level-set based multimaterial hydrocode with reactive flow models for pentolite donor and heavily aluminized RDX as acceptor charge. The complex shock interaction, critical gap thickness, acoustic impedance, and go/no-go characteristics of the gap test are quantitatively investigated.
Gap Test;Pyrotechnic Initiator;Shock Attenuation;Critical Gap Thickness;Acoustic Impedance;
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파이로테크닉 착화기의 충격파 전달에 의한 폭굉 반응 해석,김보훈;강원규;장승교;여재익;

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