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International Trends in Development, Commercialization and Market of Bio-Plastics
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  • Journal title : Clean Technology
  • Volume 21, Issue 3,  2015, pp.141-152
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Clean Technology
  • DOI : 10.7464/ksct.2015.21.3.141
 Title & Authors
International Trends in Development, Commercialization and Market of Bio-Plastics
You, Young-Sun; Oh, Yu-Sung; Hong, Seung-Hoi; Choi, Sung-Wook;
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As environmental issues are emerging, bio-plastic suppliers in leading countries have been foreseeing the strong needs for environment-friendly materials such as eco-packing materials due to increased attention and regulation on recycle. To catch up with the demand, various types of bio-plastics based on natural feedstocks were developed and released on a market. These bio-plastic products drew the great attention even in domestic industries. At present, international oil price fluctuation and heavy charge on waste raise the unit cost of production and disposal expense of conventional plastic materials. These conditions make bio-plastic an alternative, because it is not restrained by oil prices and problem in the disposal. It is also expected that bio-plastic will be applied to various types of products including containers, industrial supplies, disposables, and medical supplies. However, the bio-plastic is still in its infancy, thus more research and understanding should be followed to put it to application. Bio-plastic is considered as environment-friendly material with high potential which has the advantages of production and disposal.
Bio plastics;Biodegradable plastics;Oxo-biodegradable plastics;Bio-based plastics;Biomass;Eco packaging;
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자원 순환 촉진을 위한 빈병 재활용 정보 관리 시스템,정필성;조양현;

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