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Manufacturing and Electrochemical Characteristics of SnO2/Li4Ti5O12 for Lithium Ion Battery
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  • Journal title : Clean Technology
  • Volume 21, Issue 4,  2015, pp.265-270
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Clean Technology
  • DOI : 10.7464/ksct.2015.21.4.265
 Title & Authors
Manufacturing and Electrochemical Characteristics of SnO2/Li4Ti5O12 for Lithium Ion Battery
Yang, A-Reum; Na, Byung-Ki;
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In order to increase the capacity of the lithium ion battery, the capacity of the anode should be increased. SnO2 and Li4Ti5O12 were studied to replace the graphite as the anode materials. In this study, SnO2/Li4Ti5O12 composite materials were synthesized by solid-state method. The study reported here attempts to enhance the electrochemical capacity of Li4Ti5O12 through the incorporation of SnO2. Sn-based Li ion storage materials are loaded on Li4Ti5O12 surface. The SnO2/Li4Ti5O12 composite material has higher capacity than Li4Ti5O12, but the cycling capacity was decreased due to SnO2.
Lithium secondary battery;Anode material;;;Electrochemical properties;
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