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Normal-state charge dynamics of ternary platinum germanide superconductor La2Pt3Ge5
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 Title & Authors
Normal-state charge dynamics of ternary platinum germanide superconductor La2Pt3Ge5
Song, S.J.; Sung, N.H.; Cho, B.K.; Moon, S.J.;
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We report on the infrared spectroscopic studies of the normal-state electronic response of rare-earth ternary platinum germanide superconductor . We analyzed the temperature-dependent optical conductivity spectra using the Drude-Lorentz oscillator model. We found that the two Drude responses with distinct scattering rates are required to explain the charge dynamics at 10 K while a single Drude mode could reproduce the far-infrared conductivity at higher temperatures. Our results indicated the two-band character of the electronic structure and highlighted the disparate temperature evolution of the electrodynamics of the two electronic states.
;multiband;infrared spectroscopy;optical conductivity;
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