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Extended Drude model analysis of n-doped cuprate, Pr0.85LaCe0.15CuO4
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 Title & Authors
Extended Drude model analysis of n-doped cuprate, Pr0.85LaCe0.15CuO4
Lee, Seokbae; Song, Dongjoon; Jung, Eilho; Roh, Seulki; Kim, Changyoung; Hwang, Jungseek;
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We investigated optical properties of an electron-doped copper oxide high temperature superconductor, (PLCCO) single crystal. We obtained the optical conductivity from measured reflectance at various temperatures. We found our data contained c-axis longitudinal optical (LO) phonon modes due to miscut and intrinsic lattice distortion. We applied an extended Drude model to study the correlations between charge carriers in the system. The LO phonons appear as strong sharp peaks in the optical scattering rate. We tried to remove the LO phonon modes by using the energy loss function, which also shows the LO phonons as peaks, and could not remove them completely. We extracted the electron-boson spectral density function using a generalized Allen`s formula. We observed that the resulting electron-boson density show similar temperature dependence as hole-doped cuprates.
electron-doped cuprates;electron-boson spectral density;extended Drude model;
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