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Formation of iron oxides from acid mine drainage and magnetic separation of the heavy metals adsorbed iron oxides
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 Title & Authors
Formation of iron oxides from acid mine drainage and magnetic separation of the heavy metals adsorbed iron oxides
Kwon, Hee-won; Kim, JeongJin; Ha, Dong-Woo; Kim, Young-Hun;
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There are a few thousand abandoned metal mines in South Korea. The abandoned mines cause several environmental problems including releasing acid mine drainage (AMD), which contain a very high acidity and heavy metal ions such as Fe, Cu, Cd, Pb, and As. Iron oxides can be formed from the AMD by increasing the solution pH and inducing precipitation. Current study focused on the formation of iron oxide in an AMD and used the oxide for adsorption of heavy metals. The heavy metal adsorbed iron oxide was separated with a superconducting magnet. The duration of iron oxide formation affected on the type of mineral and the degree of magnetization. The removal rate of heavy metal by the adsorption process with the formed iron oxide was highly dependent on the type of iron oxide and the solution pH. A high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) system successfully separated the iron oxide and harmful heavy metals.
High-gradient magnetic separation;adsorption;environmental application;superconducting magnet;AMD;Heavy metal;
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