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Suppression of superconductivity in superconductor/ferromagnet multilayers
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 Title & Authors
Suppression of superconductivity in superconductor/ferromagnet multilayers
Hwang, T.J.; Kim, D.H.;
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Suppression of the superconducting transition temperature () of NbN thin films in superconductor/ferromagnet multilayers has been investigated. Both superconducting NbN and ferromagnetic FeN layers were deposited on thermally oxidized Si substrate at room temperature by using reactive magnetron sputtering in an gas mixture. The thickness of FeN films was fixed at 20 nm, while the thickness of NbN films was varied from 3 nm to 90 nm. suppression was clearly observed in NbN layers up to 70 nm thickness when NbN layer was in proximity with FeN layer. For a given thickness of NbN layer, the magnitude of suppression was increased in the order of Si/FeN/NbN, Si/NbN/FeN, and Si/FeN/NbN/FeN structure. This result can be used to design a spin switch whose operation is based on the proximity effect between superconducting and ferromagnetic layers.
Proximity effect;NbN/FeN bilayer;NbN/FeN trilayer;
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