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Effects of α-particle beam irradiation on superconducting properties of thin film MgB2 superconductors
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 Title & Authors
Effects of α-particle beam irradiation on superconducting properties of thin film MgB2 superconductors
Kim, Sangbum; Duong, Pham van; Ha, Donghyup; Oh, Young-Hoon; Kang, Won Nam; Hong, Seung Pyo; Kim, Ranyoung; Chai, Jong Seo;
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Superconducting properties of thin film MgB2 superconductors irradiated with 45 MeV -particle beam were studied. After the irradiation, enhancement of the critical current density and pinning force was observed, scaling close to strong pinning formula. Double logarithmic plots of the maximum pinning force density with irreversible magnetic field show a power law behavior close to carbon-doped MgB2 film or polycrystals. Variation of normalized pinning force density in the reduced magnetic field suggests scaling formulas for strong pinning mechanism like planar defects. We also observed a rapid decay of critical current density as the vortex lattice constant decreases, due to the strong interaction between vortices and increasing magnetic field.
Superconductivity;Vortex pinning;Ion beam irradiation;
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