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A novel approach in analyzing agriculture and food systems: Review of modeling and its applications
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 Title & Authors
A novel approach in analyzing agriculture and food systems: Review of modeling and its applications
Kim, Do-Gyun; Cho, Byoung-Kwan; Lee, Wang-Hee;
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For the past decades, advances in computational devices have propelled mathematical modeling to become an effective tool for solving the black box of complex biological systems because of its prominent analytical power and comprehensive insight. Nevertheless, modeling is still limitedly used in the fields of agriculture and food which generally concentrate on producing experimental data rather than processing them. This study, hence, intends to introduce modeling in terms of its procedure types of structure, formulation, analyses, and software, with reviews of current notable studies from micro to macro scales so as to propose the modeling technique as a novel approach in discerning conundrums in agriculture and food systems. We expect this review to provide an eligible source for researchers who are willing to apply modeling techniques into the unexplored fields related to bio-systems that comprehensively include biology, nutrition, agriculture, food, animal science, and ecology.
bio-systems;mathematical modeling;model formulation;modeling procedure;modeling software;types of modeling;
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