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A Formal Specification and Checking Technique of Feature model using Z language
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A Formal Specification and Checking Technique of Feature model using Z language
Song, Chee-Yang; Cho, Eun-Sook; Kim, Chul-Jin;
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The Feature model can not be guaranteed the syntactic accuracy of its model and be difficult the validation using automatic tool for its syntax, because this model is expressed by a graphical and informal structure in itself. Therefore, there is a need to formalize and check for the feature model, to precisely define syntax for construct of the model. This paper presents a Z formal specification and a model checking mechanism of the feature model to guarantee the correctness of the model. It first defines the translation rules between feature model and Z, and then converts the syntax of the feature model into the Z schema specification by applying these rules. Finally, the Z schema specification is checked syntax, type, and domain errors using the Z/Eves validation tool to assure the correctness of its specification, With the use of the proposed method, we may express more precisely the construct of the feature model. Moreover the domain analyst are able to usefully verify the errors of the generated feature model.
Feature model;Z;Formal specification;Model checking;Z/Eves;
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Z/Object-Z 사용한 2+1 View 통합 메타모델의 정형 명세와 명확성 검사,송치양;

한국산학기술학회논문지, 2014. vol.15. 1, pp.449-459 crossref(new window)
구조 기반 BPMN 모델의 Feature 모델로 변환 기법,송치양;김철진;

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