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Multicore DVFS Scheduling Scheme Using Parallel Processing for Reducing Power Consumption of Periodic Real-time Tasks
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 Title & Authors
Multicore DVFS Scheduling Scheme Using Parallel Processing for Reducing Power Consumption of Periodic Real-time Tasks
Pak, Suehee;
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This paper proposes a scheduling scheme that enhances power consumption efficiency of periodic real-time tasks using DVFS and power-shut-down mechanisms while meeting their deadlines on multicore processors. The proposed scheme is suitable for dependent multicore processors in which processing cores have an identical speed at an instant, and resolves the load unbalance of processing cores by exploiting parallel processing because the load unbalance causes inefficient power consumption in previous methods. Also the scheme activates a part of processing cores and turns off the power of unused cores. The number of activated processing cores is determined through mathematical analysis. Evaluation experiments show that the proposed scheme saves up to 77% power consumption of the previous method.
real-time task;scheduling;parallel processing;multicore processor;power-efficient design;
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