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An Anti-Collision Algorithm with 4-Slot in RFID Systems
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 Title & Authors
An Anti-Collision Algorithm with 4-Slot in RFID Systems
Kim, Yong-Hwan; Kim, Sung-Soo; Ryoo, Myung-Chun; Park, Joon-Ho; Chung, Kyung-Ho;
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In this paper, we propose tree-based hybrid query tree architecture utilizing time slot. 4-Bit Pattern Slot Allocation(4-SL) has a 8-ary tree structure and when tag ID responses according to query of the reader, it applies a digital coding method, the Manchester code, in order to extract the location and the number of collided bits. Also, this algorithm can recognize multiple Tags by single query using 4 fixed time slots. The architecture allows the reader to identify 8 tags at the same time by responding 4 time slots utilizing the first bit(, F {`0` or `1`}) and bit pattern from second ~ third bits(, {"00" or "11"}, {"01" or "10"}) in tag ID. we analyze worst case of the number of query nodes(prefix) in algorithm to extract delay time for recognizing multiple tags. The identification delay time of the proposed algorithm was based on the number of query-responses and query bits, and was calculated by each algorithm.
RFID;hybrid query tree algorithm;time slots;
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